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Wisdom teeth are the rear molars that appear last, some time around the late teens or early 20s. There are normally two wisdom teeth in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw, but some people have fewer than four or even none at all.

There is often not enough room in the jaw for the wisdom teeth. This may stall their appearance in the mouth and make brushing and flossing them difficult. Food and bacteria often become trapped between the wisdom tooth and its neighbouring molar tooth, and this can cause tooth decay and gum infections. Infections caused by wisdom teeth can sometimes be treated with antibiotics, however the infection may keep coming back unless the problem teeth are removed.

Impaction is where the wisdom tooth erupts at an angle which causes it to butt against the adjacent tooth or the gum. A wisdom tooth that grows on an angle can’t contribute to chewing, which makes it useless and at times painful. It is sometimes recommended that problem wisdom teeth be removed. X-rays taken while the teeth are forming can often show whether or not they will cause difficulties.

Extractions of wisdom teeth are best performed in late teens and early 20s. The procedure may be more complicated if a person waits until later in life when the roots of these molars are completely formed and their general health may not be optimal.

Knox Terrace Dental can assist you with any problems relating to wisdom teeth from xrays and pain relief to surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Call us today and we will endeavour to help you in the case of any dental emergency.